Concert overview

Date: March 5, 2023 (Sun) 14:00 start (13:15 open)

Venue: Suntory Hall (large hall)

The performance has finished. Thank you very much for coming.

ーMuscle ConcertoーOur Thoughts

Excite your mind and body in the age of longevity! Classical music is becoming a new social entertainment.

This year’s Classicaile welcomes soloist performers showing off their muscles with the theme of mental and physical health, including former Cirque du Soleil, bodybuilder, stretching, Tahitian dance.
Please enjoy the concert (concerto) with a variety of performances!

Organized by Aile Orchestra, Classicaile Executive Committee
by Waseda University Business School (WBS) Kawakami Laboratory, Anone Music School, Classicaile Institute LLC

by NOK Corporation, Inoue Public Relations Co., Ltd., International Marketing Institute
Cooperated by AIVA Technologies Inc., Emotion Tech Co., Ltd., OGATORE Co., Ltd., VISUALBEATS Co., Ltd.
Product provided by Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.


※Children are children between the ages of 4 and 12.
※Students (junior high school/high school/university) will be asked to show their student ID card upon entry (graduate school is not eligible)
※Songs, song order, performers, etc. are subject to change without notice.


Part 1

AI Composition AIVA “Muscle and Tension”
AIVA, an artificial intelligence living in Luxembourg, Europe, composed this song with the theme of “muscles”. This is the 4th collaboration with Classica Ale, and this is also the world premiere. The former Cirque performers will provide excellent performance that combines the tension and relaxation of the muscles.

Bizet “Farandole from Suite 2 of “The Lady of Arles”
The music for the play “Arlesian Woman” was composed by the French composer Bizet who composed “Carmen”. One of them, “Farandole”, is based on two folk songs from southern France, which are: “The Procession of the Three Kings” and “Dance of the Horses”. With the rhythm of the enthusiastic drums, how will the passionate performance surprise the audience?

Ogatare Stretch Special Trilogy “Dance of the Reed Flute”, and “Trepak” from the Tchaikovsky Ballet Suite “Nutcracker”. And “Morning” from Grieg‘s “Peer Gynt” Suite 1

Popular YouTuber Ogatre who has over 1 million subscribers is here! It’s healthy to stretch your full body to match the rhythm of the live orchestra! The songs include “Dance of the Reed Flute” and the Ukrainian peasant dance “Trepak” from “The Nutcracker”. They are famous for TV commercials. Besides, Norwegian composer Grieg’s “Peer Gynt”, and “Morning” are often played on school broadcasts. Let’s refresh our mind and bodies with Ogatre Stretch!

Saint-Saëns “Bacchanal” from the opera “Samson and Delilah” feat.Tahitian Dance
French composer Saint-Saëns’s “Samson and Delilah” is an opera based on the Old Testament. Samson, the main character, is a muscular man with strong muscles. “Bacchanal” is a song that is played during drinking and singing. Exotic melodies and turbulence of percussion instruments collaborate well with bewitching and bold Tahitian dance.

Part 2

Brahms Symphony No. 1 in C minor Op.68

The German senior Beethoven is so talented and amazing, but Brahms’s symphony No. 1, which took 21 years to complete, is also wonderful. Certainly, the composition of the song, which goes through anguish to joy, is similar to “Fate” and “The Ninth”, but it is by no means an “imitation”. There is a sense of “respect”. There are also many original elements. We will talk about them at the venue.

Aile Orchestra

Formed in 2015. Aile in French means “wings”. Aile orchestra is a stage where music students, young musicians, and professional musicians can “spread their wings to the future”. In 2017, Aile Orchestra started “Classic Aile” (pronounced similarly to the meaning of changing life in Japanese) with Tomoko Kawakami Seminar from Waseda Business School, Waseda University. Through unique collaborations and the latest technology, we are challenging social entertainment that both children and adults can enjoy.


鯵坂圭司(Conductor, Music Director, Classic Aile Co-Representative)

TV man in action. In his mid-thirties, he moved to Russia to pursue his longtime dream of becoming a conductor. He studied under Mr. Hideomi Kuroiwa at Toho Gakuen University and went on the path of “salaryman conductor”. He conducted the Yokohama Sinfonietta as a top performer in Mr. Kazuki Yamada’s conducting seminar. He is also the conductor of the parent-child orchestra, Otowa no Mori Orchestra, and Poco Apoco, formed by the elementary school PTA.

橋森ゆう希 (Concert Mistress)

At the age of 11, she entered the Cologne University of Music (Germany) as the youngest special student. She studied under Mr. Zakhar Bron. She is the youngest winner of the Japan Classical Music Competition, the All Japan Student Music Competition, and other competitions. She has also performed on the TV program “Geino Kakuzuke Check” and the Latin Grammy Awards ceremony. She is ambitious about international exchange through music, such as building schools in Africa with the proceeds from her concerts.

オガトレ(YouTuber, real name: Ryunosuke Ogata, CEO of OGATORE Co., Ltd.)

As a physical therapist, he is engaged in rehabilitation at an acute care hospital, and as a coach, he accompanies high school games and the Japan National Games. With the belief that “no one should be bothered by stiffness”, he started posting videos and by 2022, the channel had reached 1.17 million registered users, making it the largest sports stretching channel in Japan. He is currently promoting the “Gi” brand, which originated from the phrase “take care of yourself”.

奥野史子(sports commentator) 

She won a bronze medal in the individual synchronized swimming pairs at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. At the 1994 World Championships she was the first to receive the full score in all artistic performances, winning a silver medal. She was part of Cirque du Soleil from 2000 to 2002 and was the first Japanese to perform in the most famous “O” show in Las Vegas. She is also a visiting professor at Biwako Seikei Sports University, a member of the Kyoto City Board of Education and a member of the Japan Swimming Federation Athletic Committee.


Joined Cirque du Soleil after training at the Canadian headquarters for the first time as a Japanese. He has performed more than 4,000 times around the world for 14 years as a horizontal bar specialist. Currently, in Japan, he individually presents aerial dance performances, sillwheels using 15kg iron wheels, and other programs. Based on his own experience, he also gives lectures that lead to career education for the next generation.


Winner of the 2004 Kyiv International Ballet Competition Final. After graduating from the Bolshoi Ballet School in 2005, she joined the K-Ballet Company in 2006. She became a principal in 2015, and she has starred in numerous productions. She currently works as a teacher, judge, dancer and performer.

Muscular Gentleman Group All Out

Based on the concept of “Muscle gentleman”, a muscle performance group that excites the audience with a well-trained “cool body”. With the mission of Change the body. Change the world, they are working to create a society where people can live healthy and prosperous lives through the spread of fitness.


The official Japanese school of Manohiva, established by Poerava Taea, a top dancer of Tahitian dance. The school opened in September 2016 as the only school to have its own school locally. Manohiba boasts a top-class track record, including overall victory in the local Tahiti hula tapail competition.

礒田隆嗣(Video Production)  

Representative Director/Creative Director of VISUALBEATS Co., Ltd. Independent in 2012. He has been active in China, Brazil, and other countries, including spatial production at NHK Hall and Makuhari Messe. He developed Asobeats♪, a digital attraction for children. He pursues a new visual world through projection mapping and interactive work.

川上智子(Classic Aile Co-Representative, Executive Producer) 

Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Waseda University. Together with business school seminar students, she took up the challenge of marketing Classic Aile and creating new markets. In 2017 she was named Top 100 Asian Marketing Scholar and in 2019 performed with P. Kotler. She is a visiting researcher at the Institute for Blue Ocean Strategies (France), the director of the Marketing International Institute.


Aile Orchestra  ★ is the principal player

Command 鰺坂圭司 concertmistress 橋森ゆう希 Associate concertmaster 鍵冨弦太郎

Violin ★橋森ゆう希 ★鍵冨弦太郎 ★山名玲奈 安田真理奈 長谷川瑠佳 佐々木蓮奈 佐藤泉純 茨木優香 佐藤麻里 藤堂茉由 根岸彩和 成宮千琴 岡野有紗 松井陽菜代 三宅有咲 松岡龍神 大月美璃 百崎琴音 倉田優佳子 小林祐月 高田佳音 尚優花 長島安里紗 松岡春樹 矢崎麦 若山礼果 高橋嬉春

Viola ★坂口昴平 岩崎聖大 日下水月 秋田華子 小野桃子 川元ひなた 由井ひまり 森山真暉 中川美羽 浅野珠貴

Cello ★奥村景 田中里奈 笹森壮大 木内理一 永野桜子 今井花恋 桑原萌佳 鈴木真柚子 富永康裕

Contrabass ★服部純怜 牛島みずき 瀬戸槙之介 夏目涼 杉原ひとみ 丸地郁海

Flute ★畢暁樺 金藤エミリ 田中友貴 村上加奈恵 Oboe ★榎かぐや 細野杏吏 村松和奈

Clarinet ★二瀬結衣 時津りの 濱口実莉 Bassoon ★加地佑唯 青柳里佳 山口朱里

Horn ★大森啓史 西川優弥 実乃里 中野徳紀 Trumpet ★牛腸和彦 山路真之介 宝槻果苗 橋爪未来

Trombone ★島田智也 大友崇敬 生越美穂 Tuba 森脇直哉

Timpani ★敦賀朝香 Percussion 西﨑彩衣 山口慶晃 楢木孝明 徳地尊憲 Harp 向井春香

Executive Director 小林祐月 Inspector 高田佳音 Librarian 楢木孝明

Public Relations  倉田優佳子 浅野珠貴 Ticketing and Accounting 高橋嬉春 Opening Arrangement  藤川天耀


Stage Director   井清俊博  Producers  大木博子・鈴木春香  Visual Design 金那允 Web Production 中山朝陽

Advisory Board
奥野史子 (Olympic medalist, former member of Cirque du Soleil)
笹森壮大 (Representative of Grand Method Co., Ltd., Anone Music School)
佐野昇平 (Representative employee of Classica Yell Research Institute LLC, WBS graduate)
西澤隆 (Sports trainer, WBS graduate)
古屋武範 (Fitness Business Editorial Publisher

Waseda University Business School Kawakami  Seminar(Marketing)
江藤幸輝 大木博子 門村祐助 鈴木春香 高越温子 瀧川杏里 玉手健志 樽見祐介 円藤雅文 吉川太 小山まい 榊原萌々 内藤裕介 八木田貴史 廣瀬知砂子
Zhou Chenyao Liu Ruoxi Jiao Zhihui WANG Tuo 篠﨑智公 Xu Ying 山嵜未有希

Venue access

Suntory Hall

1-13-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8403

About 5 minutes on foot from Exit 3 of Roppongi Itchome Station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line

About 10 minutes walk from Exit 13 of Tameike-Sanno Station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line and Ginza Line

Toei 01 Bus (Shibuya-Shinbashi)
Akasaka Ark Hills/Akasaka Ark Hills-mae Get off and walk 3 minutes


About prevention of new coronavirus infection spread

・Please refrain from visiting if you are suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus.
・Please keep your distance, refrain from talking, and wear a mask.
・This performance may be canceled or postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.